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Blackout Weekend Frequently Asked Questions

Blackout Weekend Frequently Asked Questions

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Blackout Weekend Frequently Asked Questions

We will be updating this page weekly. Check back for updates.

Updated 2//2023

Can I still purchase the discounted Gondola, tubing lift tickets, or lessons?

You will have to go directly to Heavenly for these tickets. Visit this blog for more information.

How do I order my bottle service table for PEEK?

Click here for information on reserving a table.

Harrah's is sold out. Where do I stay?

Harvey's, Ballys, and Hard Rock are the hotels closest to the events. They are all within walking distance.

When will SLACK be live?

BlackOut Weekend SLACK group has been created to share information with attendees and updates throughout the weekend. Click here to see if you are registered, Slack, and enter your e-mail in the field that says '; if you have not been registered, visit to get your invite.

Updated 2/14/2023

Can I purchase offers after Feb. 15th?

Only some offers will be available after the 15th. Snowmobiling, Brunch, and Party Bus

When I try to check out, it keeps clearing my cart. What am I doing wrong?

When selecting your wristbands, you need to scroll all the way to the bottom and hit Save & Continue on each tab you have chosen items. If this does not work, try using a computer versus a phone.

I only want to do events Friday and Saturday. Is there a 2-day wristband?

We use industry-standard language. You will be checking into your hotel Friday and checking out on Sunday. That is called 3 days, 2 nights. Your wristband will allow you to participate in activities Friday thru Sunday. Brunch is an additional cost.

How do I order my table?

We will be offering our tables by the end of the week. If you selected table/bottle service interest at checkout, you will get an e-mail announcing bottle options.

Updated 2/6/2023

When will I get my wristband and activity tickets?

You will get your wristband and activity tickets at registration, which will be held in Lake Tahoe.


Can we purchase individual tickets for the parties?

No, we don’t sell tickets at the door of events.


Is there a shuttle from Reno Airport to the hotel?

Yes, there is a shuttle service. roundtrip tickets are approximately $59.


Where will the events be held?

We will hold most of the events at Harrah’s and Harvey’s hotels. The hotels are connected via an underground tunnel with restaurants and an arcade.


Are there any outside events?

No, the snow activities are outside, but the parties are inside.


What to wear? It’s going to be cold, what will I need?

This depends on whether or not you do outside snow events. In that case, you want to make sure you have layers. Lake Tahoe has varying weather conditions. Some years a long sleeve shirt will work, and other times you will need a coat. You will walk two blocks to the day party, so you should bring a jacket if the weather is cold. We suggest everyone check the weather the week before.

If you are snowmobiling, tubing, etc. Make sure you have waterproof pants, I googled Amazon, and they have pants that start at $20 and go up from there.


Can you upgrade to VIP on-site?

If we have VIP wristbands available, you can upgrade on-site, but only if they are available. We only sell a limited number of VIP wristbands.


When can I buy my Blackout Weekend merchandise?

We expect to have our merchandise store with current items up soon.


When are the payment plans due?

Payment plan final due dates are 2/1/2023


How long will wristbands be for sale?

We will be selling wristbands online until March 1st. We will have wristband sales on site and will list that rate on the website starting March 2nd.

When is the last day to buy a discounted lift ticket, lessons, tubing, or gondola?

The last day to buy offers is 2/15/23, and in the case of snowmobiles, while supplies last.



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