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Blackout Weekend 101 – Safety First

Blackout Weekend 101 – Safety First

Safety = Fun -

Blackout Weekend 101 – Safety First

Back at it again, and this time we’re discussing skiing safety with a few novice tips!

  1. Bend your knees – If you’re nervous it may be your natural response to lock up, but you should do the exact opposite. Bent knees keep you flexible and in control as you cruise through the snow.

  2. Pizza – Pizza is not just a popular dish, it’s also a popular formation when skiing. Keeping your toes pointed inward allows better control so you won’t go speeding down the slopes. Another great reason to think of pizza is because that same formation helps you brake. Yes, pointed toes will help you come to a stop.

  3. Look up – You may feel better looking down to see what your feet are doing but just as you would when walking, keep your head up. It allows you to focus on your destination and most importantly, not crash into other skiers or snowboarders.

  4. Fall – No, not on purpose. However, get comfortable with the idea that you’re going to fall. Because you will. And that’s okay, everyone does as they are learning. Remain confident like a baby learning how to walk and get up and try again.

  5. Stay Hydrated – Skiing and snowboarding are fun activities, however, don’t forget they’re also a workout! As you rest, drink water and recharge before starting again.

  6. Wear Sunscreen – For the parts of your face that are not covered, please wear sunscreen.

  7. Dress Appropriately – Pretty please with a cherry on top, do not wear jeans. For tips on proper attire, check out our blog on “What to Wear?!”

  8. Rest your Feet – As you travel back to the top on the lift, unbuckle your boots. It will provide relief, comfort and give your feet a break as you recover in between slopes.

  9. Know the Signs – Be sure to stay mindful of the difficulty of the runs. Green is good for beginners. 

  10. Have fun!


Fun Fact: Lake Tahoe is 2 million years old!




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